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About Vietnam
Vietnam which resembles the English letter ‘S’, is the easternmost country of Southeast Asia. Vietnam shares its boundary with China in the north, Laos in the northwest, Cambodia in the southwest; however, its eastern boundary is limited by South China Sea. The country has approximately 329,560 sq. km area divided into northern – comprises hills and mountains, central – mainly highlands, and south poses low lands and delta. Due to uneven topography and wide latitudinal extension, climate vary from one region to another region, however, roughly south has tropical and north has monsoonal season.

Vietnam has strong historical background because it got its independence from China a long back (938 AD), and started its development but it is obstructed by French rule. Vietnam sports held a significant position in the field of cultural and have always played a pivotal part in the cultural development of Vietnam.Nevertheless, French left the country, after dividing it into two political divisions which continued till Vietnam War and resolved out with the victory of North Vietnamese in 1975. Now, Vietnam is a single-party state and officially known as Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

With more than 84 million populations, Vietnam has mosaic of ethnic groups such as Kinh most dominant and have control over country’s politics, Moung, resides mostly in the highlands, Degar the tribal group, and the Hoa, Khmer, and Krom mostly are lowlanders. The national language is Vietnamese, but it varies according to the ethnic groups. Nevertheless, Vietnamese have very much unity in their religion where 85% are followers of Buddhism and few others are Christianity 8%, Caodaism 3% etc.

After the unification of Vietnam in 1975, nation has given priority to education system, resultantly; the literacy rate of Vietnam is around 92%. For the development of education system, private and public institutions run together. Besides, for higher education, there are many colleges and universities.

Moreover, having enormous population and high literacy, Vietnam is a hub of manpower solutions. It is highly capable of providing skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled professionals to the world. These enthusiastic and trained professionals are always ready to work in any adverse condition with full ability to control the self in order to engender their best.
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